What is our mission?

At Faith Bible Camp we desire to connect and grow relationships with people for the purpose of helping them create and grow a relationship with God.

Faith Bible Camp exists to reach out to otherwise unreached youth and share the gospel message.  We also desire through teaching, discipleship, and mentorship to build up the faith of all believers who are involved with camp. We want to help create Christians who are strong in their faith, convicted to share it with others, and committed to following the call of God in their lives. To accomplish our vision, we will:

-Reach out directly to the religiously unaffiliated in the area and invite them to attend camp,

-Make use of the Bible for teaching and instructing while at camp, and encourage personal use so that campers can continue to build a biblical foundation when away from the camp setting,

-Strive to keep the monetary cost as low as possible so that we are accessible to everyone and do not have any roadblocks to sharing the gospel,

-Connect campers to churches and people to continue their exposure to the gospel and further development throughout the year,

-Facilitate staff coming together regularly throughout the year for encouragement and support.