A long look ahead

Greetings Faith Bible Camp supporter!

It has been a busy fall for everyone on the board so far with going to post secondary, engagements, and approaching sabbaticals. While not much more is confirmed we have managed to get a bit further in planning for next summer.

We are going to be returning to Millet and only need to decide on particular dates for that location. Since we were there this previous summer, we are confident in what we will be able to offer for programing out there.

We are sorting out details with another location in the Wetaskiwin/Pigeon Lake area and will have more to say in a future update.

Discussion has also begun for other locations to operate. One option at the top of out list is Nordegg where Rich and Cindy Hull pastor the church. There are two other churches we have in mind to contact that are located a bit further south but slightly more central to our current area.

If there are other places that may be a good fit for the ministry, please pass information along so that we can get in touch with them!

We are also going to be aiming to fundraise toward getting another trailer to haul supplies, and a fifteen-passenger van to be able to tow it! We will be putting together a way to fundraise toward specific goals to make it easier for our supporters to know what they are helping us to accomplish.

The next major event coming up is our AGM on October 26 in Drayton Valley at the Calvary Baptist Church.  The meeting will begin at 2:00pm and be followed by a Spaghetti Supper fundraiser at 5:00pm. If you want to come out for one or both, we would love to see you!

Colin Fowell

Vice Chairman


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