Presenting DAYCAMPS

Faith bible camp has been seeing some momentum build on several fronts over the last couple years. We’ve developed a new mission statement, sharpened our discipleship, and strengthened our relationships with staff. In the midst of this fruitfulness, we’ve felt the Holy Spirit pushing us to do more with camp than we have been. This nudging led us through a season of prayerful consideration, and we feel like this new expression of Faith Bible Camp is one that God has presented to us. Faith Bible Camp, beginning this summer, will offer Daycamps to local churches, and discipleship to the local youth and young-adults who participate.

Our vision here, comes from a frustration we’ve seen every camp experiencing in our region; a disconnect between local churches, their communities, and local camps. Our desire with this ministry is to connect local people to their church in a neutral setting, as well as to connect local camps to these churches. Our hope is that, with increased exposure to one another, and by doing ministry together, the relationship between these three groups would flourish.

SO, what are we offering?

Summer Daycamps will be running a trial week this year at the Millet Youth Unlimited building, previously known as the Millet EFree Church. We will be charging 10$ a day for kids to come and experience camp for the day from 9am to 3pm. We will offer activities such





So, if you’re interested, Click THIS LINK to sign your kids up for Summer Daycamps!

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